Rural producers participate in a visit to the model property for sustainable actions

The Terra Brasilis Institute promoted a meet-up to motivate the adoption of best management practices on the rural properties in the Serra da Canastra region

One of the most traditional products of Minas Gerais, the Canastra cheese is of great importance to the economy in the Serra da Canastra region. To stimulate the environmentally sustainable production of this cheese, not only does it add to the product value, but also contributes for the conservation of natural resources. With that in mind, the Pato Aqui, Água Acolá project, led by the Terra Brasilis Institute and sponsored by Petrobras through the Petrobras Socioambiental Program, promoted the environmental sustainability of a rural property that produces cheese to become a replicable model, according to the current environmental regulations.

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Monitoring nests of Brazilian Mergansers in Serra da Canastra

In the reproductive season of 2015, the Terra Brasilis Institute accompanied the birth of 11 ducklings

Researchers of the Terra Brasilis Institute monitored and accompanied the birth of 11 Brazilian Merganser ducklings. As a part of the biological studies of the species, during the entire reproductive period, which extends between the months of May through to September, the biologists monitor the region's nests.

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Brazilian Merganser ducklings are born in captivity

Eight eggs were collected to compose the species' captivity program

An important tool for the conservation of the Brazilian Merganser, the Captivity Program of the Brazilian Merganser, recorded a great breakthrough. Eight eggs of the species were collected and taken to the Zooparque Itatiba/SP, to compose the Program, which is coordinated by Brazil’s Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity Conservation - ICMBio. Four eggs were collected in Jalapão/TO and four in the region of Patrocínio/MG.

The ducklings were born and are developing well, growing and being fed adequately. The expectation is that they reproduce in the next years, strengthening the captivity program.

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